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Set Up a Meeting


For safety reasons we need to know the site we will be firing from. If we have not attended the  venue before we will use Google aerial maps and speak directly with the venue to establish a safe firing site and, where  necessary, perform a site survey.

Plan Your Show & File Permits


We use state of the art software to plan your show down to the shot count. Every fireworks display is different. Our highly experienced team will work with you to plan your display to perfection as well as file the necessary permits.

Fire The Show


Our dedicated team of pyrotechnic specialists will arrive at a pre-agreed time to set up your display. Your firework display will be set off with precision timing using our electronic firing system.


"What if something happens?"

We are covered by our standard specialized firework public liability insurance. For safety reasons we need to know the site we will be firing from. We have a 100% safety record which we intend to keep. Every display has a full risk assessment done which considers all aspects of the firing site and weather conditions. All our operators are certified and trained yearly in all safety aspects to insure a safe show.

"Do we have to pick up the firework trash?"

We always clean up firing sites after each display and take the used fireworks away with us. This helps us build a good relationship with wedding venues and ensures our waste is properly disposed of.

"My town has laws against shooing fireworks"

We file a permit with your county to get permission to shoot your firework show, this usually takes about a month and almost always gets approved.

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