show gallery

TWO EE's Winery Fall Harvest festival Pyromusical

This is a 16 minute pyromusical show we did for Two EE's Winery Annual Harvest Festival in 2018. We were brought in to do a pyromusical as well as lighting for the musicians they had lined up for the day!

Wedding pyromusical

This is a 15 minute pyromusical we did for a wedding in September of 2018! The couple picked the songs, and we did the sound and lighting for their reception as well through Three Rivers Entertainment.

birthday party musical show

This is a 14min show we did for a birthday party in 2018 with a gas mine finale! It was a real hit. We also provided the DJ & Lighting through Three Rivers Entertainment.

DJI PHANTOM point of view

This video has no sound, but was taken at a great sunset point of view at a show we did for Two EE's Winery in 2017.

Leo Show

Here is a show we did back in 2014 that was not "choreographed" to music but we still had a blast!

DJ & lighting - three rivers entertainment